Sunday, June 10, 2012


Welcome to a little blogging experiment. I have been reading various blogs for years and have always toyed with the idea of doing one myself, but have never quite figured out what the "theme" of such a blog would be. I had a brainstorm this evening and decided that it might be fun to try doing reviews of the wonderful Big Finish Doctor Who audios. I have been enjoying these for around 8-9 years now, and as a whole I consider the Big Finish range of Doctor Who stories to be Doctor Who at its finest.

Tomorrow I will actually finish listening to #152, "House of Blue Fire", which happens to be the most recent release (that I own) of the main "monthly" range of Big Finish Doctor Who. (There are many other Big Finish Doctor Who (or related) releases, but for now this blog will focus on the "monthlies" until I decide to wander into other directions.) After I finish "House of Blue Fire" I plan to start all over with the first and then start this blog properly with reviews, thoughts, bad jokes, and other observations about this range of audio dramas that have entertained me for a long time.

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