Sunday, August 31, 2014

Into the Dalek

I thought this one was good, but not great. I think I preferred "Deep Breath" overall. The parallels with "Dalek" and "Jubilee" didn't bother me, since I thought this story was sufficiently different. From what I have read online, fans seem to have liked this one a bit more than me. It was fun to see Daleks just wanting to kill everyone and the action sequences were fun. I continue to love Capaldi's Doctor early on. The special effects were well done, but I have never really found the shrunken people wandering inside a machine to be very convincing. I would really like a season or two of the show without the Daleks.

I am intrigued by the character of Danny Pink, after an albeit short introduction. I am also curious about where Moffat is going with this afterlife arc. It's interesting to me that we've seen two "people" arrive in The Promised Land/Heaven so far. One, sacrificed herself to help the Doctor. The other, depending on whether you believe he jumped or was pushed, may have sacrificed himself at the Doctor's behest too.

I admit to having low expectations for next week's story. I have found Gattis' writing in Doctor Who to be uneven but, I did enjoy both of his season 7 stories. I am not that excited about the concept of Robin Hood with robot(s). Hopefully, it will be better than I think.

I hope to have reviews of "Flip-Flop" and "Omega" up over the next few days.

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