Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dark Water/Death in Heaven

I really enjoyed the big two part finale. I absolutely love Missy. If they don't bring Michelle Gomez back, I will be devastated. It has definitely opened my mind somewhat to the idea of a female Doctor. (My wife is still adamantly opposed.) She was so awesome, I was almost rooting for her to win. I am firmly in the "she teleported away" camp. I thought the ending farewell (though I doubt it's quite farewell yet) with the Doctor and Clara was quite poignant. (My wife was in tears.)

As a whole, season 8 was somewhat uneven for me. I think, on the whole, it was stronger than season 7, but nowhere near as great as seasons 5 and 6 were. (For the record, my favorite new Who seasons are 4, 5, and 6 by a wide margin.) Certainly, "Listen", "Time Heist", "Mummy on the Orient Express", and "Flatline" were all on the upper end of my ratings scale (need more time to assess them fully). And I would say the finale will rate quite highly too as time goes by. The Christmas special looks intriguing, although the Santa bit is the aspect I am a bit skeptical about. I do not look forward to the long wait from Christmas to season 9. I also wonder if that will be the last season for Moffat and/or Capaldi. (I hope not in both cases.) I hate the long wait between seasons, and I really preferred it when the show aired in the Spring.

I should have reviews of The Wormery and Scherzo soon. My opinion of one of those stories changed pretty dramatically from when I first heard it. Sorry I have been slow with the reviews - work has been a bear lately.

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