Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dinosaurs... On a spaceship!!!

I admit I didn't have very high expectations for this one going in. It just seemed like it would be another dull romp like "Curse of the Black Spot" (my least favorite from last year). But, I was pleasantly surprised. The special effects were pretty impressive for the most part. I enjoyed the guest cast. I liked the idea of the Silurians doing an Ark much like their human counterparts would go on to do much later. I also liked the bad-ass way Matt Smith murdered Argus Filch... er the baddie at the end. So, fun all around.

Things are sort of settling down in the new house. My wife seems to have almost unpacked everything she is in charge of. While I, still have countless boxes of DVDs, video games, CDs (including Big Finish CDs), and electronics that need unpacking. Still, I hope to continue with the reviews this week if work doesn't drive me too crazy. Hopefully, at the very least I'll get "Loups-Garoux" and "Dust Breeding" reviewed this week. Thanks for your patience, if you have any left!

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