Sunday, September 30, 2012

They were Angels....

Thumbs WAY up from me for "The Angels Take Manhattan". My one nit to pick was the silly Statue of Liberty as Weeping Angel, which looked silly, and had the impossible idea that Lady Liberty could move more than an inch without being observed by ANYONE in New York. However, the baby angels were wonderfully creepy, and the end for the lovely Ponds/Williams was both sad and sweet. I will forgive Moffat and company if they can't resist the urge to bring them back for whatever they have planned next year for the 50th anniversary, but I really hope that they won't. It would be nice to have one of these sad endings not be cheapened later on by the "lost" characters returning later.

In anticipation of this episode, on Friday night I rewatched "Time of the Angels"/"Flesh and Stone". I really think this story is a bit underrated because it had to follow "Blink". I think it's a pretty great story in its own right as Aliens to Blink's Alien. This 3rd story was likewise an excellent one for my money.

I know Amy had grown stale for some fans, but I thought she was a lot of fun. Plus, I really loved Rory. I really wish they could have done more with the Doctor and Rory together (maybe even an adventure without Amy) as they too had a great dynamic, but it just didn't get explored as much as I wanted. Sad, that after only 5 weekends, I now have to wait 3 months for new Who. (And I really hope they don't delay the rest of the season after the Xmas special.) Farewell Ponds!

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